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Redefining Financial Success

Kenson Investments pioneers innovation and financial prosperity in the dynamic world of digital assets. Committed to empowering clients, including high-net-worth individuals and progressive enterprises, we ensure financial success through transparent and strategic fund management and personalized consultancy services.

Our 100% client retention rate is a testament to our commitment and desire to ensure client satisfaction.

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Our Services

Established Multi-channel Expertise

Investment Services

Kenson Investments excels in precision digital asset management, strategically positioning them for unparalleled financial success in the dynamic cryptocurrency and Blockchain landscape.

Consultation Services

Kenson Investments provides unconventional digital asset consultancy services through personalized, one-on-one consultations, addressing your unique financial concerns and questions.

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Investment Options

Craft A Digital Asset Portfolio Like No Other

With Kenson Investments, you have unlimited access to the digital assets of your choosing. Whether it’s established currencies like BTC and ETH to be the cornerstone of your portfolio or a combination of alts and NFTs for diversification and quick gains, we have a plan ready.

Leadership Spotlight

Meet The Kenson Team

A team of investment veterans & digital asset superstars at your service. With a combined experience of 60+ years, the Kenson team boasts expertise from a number of disciplines including asset management, sales, and corporate leadership. The well-oiled Kenson machine has continuously delighted customers and investors alike.

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Ryan Lowman

Founder & CEO

Ryan Lowman is the visionary entrepreneur behind the success story of Kenson Investments. He shapes the company’s trajectory with strategic insight across real estate, finance, and technology, poised for global innovation and unparalleled growth.

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Chad Jordan

Chief Revenue Officer

Kenson Investments’ strategic mastermind, with 17+ years of corporate leadership, helps set new standards in the dynamic world of asset management, thriving and achieving unprecedented accomplishments.

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Brian Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, spanning over 15 years, Brian has developed a profound love for building and scaling companies, venture capital, digital asset investing, financial portfolio growth, and overall wealth creation.

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Dan Nelmes

Digital Asset Investment Consultant

As your consultant, Dan will be a trusted partner in your investing journey with Kenson, providing you with the personal support, transparency, and security you deserve.

Armed with the experience and insights acquired in his highly successful 20+ years as an accomplished professional, Dan is equipped and eager to offer his skillset to help maximize your overall experience with Kenson Investments in the exciting and daunting world of digital assets.

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Mike Kimbro

Digital Asset Investment Consultant

Mike Kimbro brings over 30 years of exemplary leadership and team-building expertise to Kenson Investments. His ability to foster strong consumer relationships and his unwavering work ethic have solidified his reputation.

Given his comprehensive understanding and proven track record for financial growth, Mike will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to Kenson Investments and its clients.

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Chonsey Asbury

Digital Asset Investment Consultant

Chonsey is a highly experienced professional with a strong background in corporate account management and sales. With over two decades of expertise, he specializes in helping individuals invest in digital assets. His impressive track record demonstrates a consistent ability to deliver exceptional investment results.

Chonsey is renowned for his talent in building robust networks through teamwork and excels in cultivating positive client relationships.

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Andrew Abbosh

Digital Asset Investment Consultant

Andrew brings a proven track record of high sales achievements, leadership development, and a passion for personal growth. With a history of exceeding results, Andrew has led multiple successful 8-figure sales teams in his career. His commitment to making a positive impact and mentoring organizations shouldn’t go unnoticed.

When he’s not in the office, Andrew enjoys playing ice hockey, hiking, and engaging in the popular sport of Pickleball. He also has a keen eye for real estate property.

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Maverick Bowser

Digital Asset Investment Consultant

Highly experienced commercial manager with a successful history of delivering exceptional results and ensuring client satisfaction in corporate transactions. With a proven track record, along with a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the complexities of the business landscape.

Maverick’s focus is on building strong relationships, driving growth, and consistently exceeding expectations. I am committed to delivering excellence and achieving mutual success in every client engagement.

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Megan Ellington

Corporate Administrator

Megan Ellington is a distinguished alumna of the University of Virginia, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Biology alongside a Master of Teaching. With a multifaceted professional journey, she brings a wealth of experience, having served as an elementary school teacher, a meticulous textbook reviewer, and a proficient virtual assistant. Beyond her professional endeavors, Megan finds fulfillment in family adventures, often immersing herself in the great outdoors alongside her active children. Whether cheering at sporting events or exploring nature through hiking, biking, and travel, Megan embodies a balanced blend of dedication to her career and cherished family time.


A Very Satisfied Clientele

Just a small group of our super-successful clients. Take a look at how Kenson Investments has changed lives, re-shaped futures and added a positive spin on so many fronts!

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Samantha Gallentine

“I appreciate your understanding and patience as I initially felt some apprehension about investing. Your support has been wonderful and I’m grateful for it. You’ve been very welcoming and I feel comfortable with my funds being with Kenson.”

kenson Investments|Home
Jericho Holden

“Wow, Kenson is doing an incredible job! I absolutely love it when someone is passionate about their work. Thank you once again, Chad! I’m eagerly anticipating what you and Ryan will achieve in the future. And, I must admit, I’m really excited to see the amazing results you both can produce when we enter a Bull market!”

kenson Investments|Home
Jeremy Reason

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of you. You guys are truly authentic and genuine. It’s been tough for me, as I lost a substantial amount of my funds in other so called crypto projects, such as stablefund, optimus, and PGV. However, I am genuinely grateful for Kenson’s support and assistance.