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Privacy Policy

Data Collected by Kenson

Various data is collected each time a person visits the Kenson website, including the name of the visitor’s internet service provider, the website used by the visitor to link to the site, the websites the visitor accesses from our site, the visitor’s IP-Address, and other similar data that is not inputted by the user. This data is owned and used by Kenson for statistical, business, marketing, and other internal purposes. Kenson will not use such data in a manner that identifies you to any third party. Additionally, this data and your identity will not be transmitted to third parties to solicit to you various goods or services unless you request or have requested otherwise, or unless such transmission is helpful in providing you goods or services you have already requested.

Data Provided by Users

Various data, such as names, addresses, contact information, e-mail addresses, information about legal and financial matters, experiences, history, or other similar information provided to Kenson or on the site generally may be collected (whether through registration, completion of forms or e-mails, or general use of and/or postings to the site). All such data and information submitted to Kenson or collected by Kenson via the use of the website may be stored and used by Kenson for business operation, market research, and other similar business purposes; so long as no such information is disclosed to any third party without user consent or appropriate measures being taken to de-identify the user.

Use of Data

Data obtained by Kenson may used by Kenson in connection with its provision of services to you and its clients. This may include sharing data with third parties engaged by Kenson to assist in providing services and comply with regulatory or privacy requirements, provided that in such event Kenson will require that the third party be bound by commercially reasonable non-use and non-disclosure covenants related to such data.

Changing or Correcting Information

If you wish to review and change any of the data we collect, you may send a written request to ___________________. We will review your request, and, update our records to reflect the requested change. While we may update our records and information with the requested change, we may continue to maintain the information held by us prior to the requested change.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure

Except as allowed for above, Kenson hereby agrees that it will not disclose to any third party any of the contact or identifiable information about a user that Kenson learns on account of user’s use of the materials and the website. Kenson may, however, use such information for the purpose of communicating with user, and making user aware of recent developments, news, or offerings which may become known after the date of user’s acceptance of these terms. User will have an opportunity within each communication from Kenson to opt out of communications. Nothing in this paragraph shall prohibit or restrict Kenson from sharing data as may be required by court order, applicable law, or any regulatory authority.

In the event Kenson engages in any transaction or series of related transactions where all or substantially all of our business assets are transferred to a third party (whether by sale, merger, consolidation, reorganization, or otherwise), all data we collect and use will be shared with and/or transferred to such third party, provided that Kenson will ensure that the third party shall provide notice if such third party’s use or sharing of the data will be less strict then the terms herein.

De-Identification of Data

Kenson hereby agrees that any data submitted to Kenson by a user of the website which is personally identifiable information with respect to such user will be held by Kenson and not distributed to any person or third party in a format that could reasonably identify the user without the user’s prior consent. Kenson may, however, aggregate, analyze, combine, segregate, de-identify, or otherwise manipulate all such data and use any such data for any purpose Kenson deems to be appropriate, so long as the disclosure of any such data does not specifically link or identify a person with any of their PII. Kenson will not distribute any personally identifiable information of a user to any person for the purposes of marketing, soliciting or advertising products and/or services.





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You can email our Capital Formation
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